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Born in London, raised in Egypt, educated in America. Finger on the shutter since I was 12. In love with filmmaking and what comes with it. Interested in bringing my vision to the screen and showing the world how this mixture of cultures can bring something new to the world. Today and everyday.

Born on June 19th, 1995, A.J Elgammal is an Egyptian filmmaker and photographer based in Los Angeles. His photographic journey began during his college years when he delved into film photography. Through a course, he learned the intricacies of light manipulation, composition, and the art of film development.

Cinema became a guiding influence, infusing his photography with a cinematic touch. Each of his frames tells a story, imbued with the depth and narrative sensibility of a film director. A.J's creative process often starts with a problem or uneasiness, allowing him to see the bigger picture and capture it through his lens.

His style can be both bold and precise, as well as abstract and elusive. His unique approach to photography has led him to specialize in cinematic photography, a genre that brings a storytelling element to his work. Additionally, he draws inspiration from architecture, which influences and crosses over into various other types of photography.

Notably, A.J is recognized as a prominent Electronic Dance Music Photographer, adept at capturing the energy and excitement of this vibrant music scene. His expertise in composition and lighting allows him to freeze the fleeting moments that define the Electronic Dance Music experience.

A.J Elgammal's photography is an invitation to explore different perspectives, and his journey continues to evolve as he captures the world through his lens.

Lounys, born in 1989, resides and works in Paris, France. In 2009, with some friends he created the Ereska collective, which was in residence at 6B in Saint-Denis for two years. They are quickly noticed by the art community in Paris. The collective participates in fairs, performances and collaborates in various creations of frescoes for popular attractions.

Since then, he has been producing in his workshop; always pushing the limits of his craft. Outside of his creative space, Lounys participates in exhibitions.

His art is voracious. Its is about survival. He draws his inspiration from great classical masters of painting and drawing as well as contemporary pop or conceptual artists. His drawing technique is obsessive. A technique that is reminiscent of surrealist explorations. Lounys is like his works: an electric painter who is fully committed to his craft.

Since August 7th, 1986, Ludovic, a French-born photographer and filmmaker, has carried his passion for capturing moments since his early years, igniting a lifelong fascination with the art of photography. From the tender age of three years old, he held his first camera, and his love for the craft only grew stronger as time went on.

Fifteen years ago, Ludovic embarked on his professional journey as a graphic designer, laying the foundation for his creative pursuits. Through dedication and talent, he swiftly rose to become a creative director in the bustling city of Paris, collaborating with esteemed advertising agencies and renowned brands. In this role, he honed his artistic vision, refining his eye for detail and perfecting his ability to bring concepts to life.

A decade ago, Ludovic made a bold move, venturing across continents to the vibrant city of Los Angeles. This new chapter in his life opened the doors to extraordinary adventures and breathtaking destinations around the globe. With each awe-inspiring journey, he found himself increasingly inspired, drawing from the world's beauty to infuse his work with depth and creativity.

Ludovic's remarkable path exemplifies the power of passion and continuous growth. From his earliest encounters with a camera to his current stature as a seasoned photographer and filmmaker, his unwavering dedication has shaped his unique perspective. Today, he stands as an artist whose lens captures the essence of fleeting moments, inviting viewers into a world where beauty and storytelling intertwine.