AJ Elgammal

AJ Elgammal

Born on June 19th, 1995, A.J Elgammal is an Egyptian filmmaker and photographer based in Los Angeles. His photographic journey began during his college years when he delved into film photography. Through a course, he learned the intricacies of light manipulation, composition, and the art of film development.

Cinema became a guiding influence, infusing his photography with a cinematic touch. Each of his frames tells a story, imbued with the depth and narrative sensibility of a film director. A.J's creative process often starts with a problem or uneasiness, allowing him to see the bigger picture and capture it through his lens.

His style can be both bold and precise, as well as abstract and elusive. His unique approach to photography has led him to specialize in cinematic photography, a genre that brings a storytelling element to his work. Additionally, he draws inspiration from architecture, which influences and crosses over into various other types of photography.

Notably, A.J is recognized as a prominent Electronic Dance Music Photographer, adept at capturing the energy and excitement of this vibrant music scene. His expertise in composition and lighting allows him to freeze the fleeting moments that define the Electronic Dance Music experience.

A.J Elgammal's photography is an invitation to explore different perspectives, and his journey continues to evolve as he captures the world through his lens.

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